We thank you, dear visitor, for your visit to our website and we pledge to you to maintain the privacy of your data that you provide to us through the site. We also commit to clarify our policy regarding the privacy of your data, as follows:

☐ The information entered will be transferred to the payment gateway used in a secure manner

☐ This website does not accept returns, all donations are final

☐ This website does not offer services or products in exchange for donation

☐ You have the right to know how we use the data you share with our website.

☐ We are committed to protecting the rights of all visitors and users of this site and we are committed to preserving the confidentiality of data and we have prepared this privacy policy to disclose our approach to collecting data and publishing it on this website.

☐ We assure you that your privacy is a top priority. We will only use that data in the appropriate way to keep your privacy safe.

☐ We also assure you that the site does not conduct any commercial activities.

☐ We do not exchange personal data with any commercial entity except for what is announced to the user and after his approval of that.

☐ We do not use the data of our users to send messages with commercial or promotional content.

☐ We may use the data recorded on the site to make questionnaires and take opinions in order to develop the site and provide a more easy and effective user experience for our valued visitors and users. We can also communicate with you if you are a donor when needed in case you want to donate to charitable projects and works, or you want to be informed of any new projects and charitable work carried out by the association, as this data helps us communicate with you, and answer your inquiries, and your requests as much as possible.

☐ We do not share this data with external parties unless these parties are necessary in the process of completing your request. Unless this is within the framework of collective data used for statistical and research purposes. Without including any data that can be used to identify you.

☐ In normal situations, data is dealt with automatically (electronic) through the specific applications and programs for that. Without requiring that staff members share this data. In exceptional cases (such as investigations and cases), the employees of the supervisory authorities or those who need to be informed about it may given access to it: subject to the provisions of the law and the orders of the judicial authorities.

☐ This Privacy Policy applies to all services and transactions that are made on the site except in cases where provision is made for services or dealings with privacy; it may have a separate privacy policy. It is not incorporated into this privacy policy.

☐ The site may contain links to other websites that are outside our control and are not covered by this policy. If you access other websites by using the links available on our site, you will be subject to a privacy policy related to those sites, which may differ from the site policy, which requires You should read the privacy policy related to these sites.

☐ In all cases, we will not sell, rent or trade your data for the benefit of any third party outside this site. At all times, we will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all your personal data that we obtain.

☐ Due to the huge development in the field of technology and the change in the scope of laws related to the cyber field, the site reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this privacy policy at any time it deems appropriate. The modifications are implemented on this page. You will be notified if any impact modifications are made.

☐ To keep your personal data safe. We secure the personal data sent using the appropriate security technologies.

☐ You can always contact us to answer your questions about this policy through the site or the means of communication outlined therein.

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