Marriage Qualification Program

It is a training program that targets the next to be married individuals, and includes several basic aspects related to marital life: such as the legal, economic, psychological, social, and health aspects, in order to start marital life on sound foundations, reach reassuring, happy and stable homes and reduce divorce rates.

Family pulses

A public cultural awareness program (for men and women) that focuses on family issues of concern to society and takes place in a grand hall where it hosts one of the family development experts from Saudi Arabia, or the Arab Gulf, or the Arab world, in an effort by the association to enhance family stability.

Financial intelligence

This project focuses on the skills of dealing with family financial issues and simplifying their concepts so that they are easy to apply, which contributes to achieving reasonable financial stability for the family and protects them from the consequences of ignorance of the various economic variables.

The "first pillar" for developing the basic skills of emerging families

An awareness project for emerging families that cultivates concepts of family stability and intellectual coexistence between spouses. It is required that the spouses attend together for this program .

First year parenting

Educating the father about the child's needs and the methods of modern education.

First year maternity

Educating the father about the child's needs and the methods of modern education.

"Details" to develop basic self-skills for brides

This initiative aims to empower girls in some of the much needed skills to face the common marital problems of new families.

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